Student Achievement

Sani Kamil Baldan, Arifah Eviyanti, Yeni Wulandari, Mediana Haliza Shafira successfully won gold medals for the Agriculture category at the Japan Design and Invention Expo (JDIE) which took place from 2-6 August 2018 at the Tokyo Big Sight International Exhibition Center, Japan.

Sani Kamil Baldan as 3rd Place Student Achievers UNS 2019

Irfan Ferli Angga, 3rd place winner of LKTI Scientist Fokushimiti 2019.

Adin Slamet Rahayu, Fuada khoiru yudha and Dita Putri Mitayani, as the first winner in the Soil Judging Contest at Scientist Jember 2019.

The UNS Soil Science Team was ranked 5th in the Soil Judging Contest in commemoration of World Soil Day at the Soil Research Institute. This competition was participated by universities in Indonesia and several universities in Australia.

Mirsa Syafira with the Team won the LKTIN PEKTIN 2020 as 1st Place which was organized by the Student Association of Science and Food Technology (HIMATEPA) Mataram University. “Gamer-bar: Food Bar Berbasis Umbi Garut dan Kacang Merah sebagai Upaya Diversifikasi Pangan Lokal yang Bergizi Guna Meningkatkan Daya Tahan Tubuh pada Masa Pandemi Covid-19”

Pinasti Dwi Utami and Safira Indrias Sari as the 3rd winner of the Scientific Writing Competition at The Landformation 2020 event

Imam Arifin as Student Achievers 1st UNS 2020

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Hanindyo Bramastomo Wins the 75 Faces of Indonesia Poster Contest in 2020 as 1st Winner organized by Dema Justicia FH UGM

Lisa Fitra Arhamma Wins the 2021 Olympics in Fine Arts as the 1st winner

Suko Irawan,
Winner of PKM AI 2021 Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia. Indonesian Student Entrepreneurship Program (PKMI) 2021 Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia. Recipients of Start-up development grants in the 2021 UNS SEMESTA Program Top 10 FAST 2020 National Essays.