Practical Field Work


Generally, students are given theory and practical knowledge in lectures. Before doing practice, it is always based on the theory of the courses that have been given by each supporting lecturer. Not only smart in theory, but students must also be able to apply the theories that have been given through practical practice. There are many courses in The department of Soil Science which include applying practical field work or in short doing practicum.

DDIT Practicum

Lab Practicum

Water Management Practicum

The water management practicum in the 2020 period is carried out online and offline. The material is given online, but each practitioner carries out practical activities in their respective areas of residence. Even with a hybrid, the practicum can run smoothly and is easy to implement and easy to understand.

Geology and Mineralogy Practicum

The practicum is created outside of campus by visiting educational tourist attractions where there are various materials for research and related to rock mineralogy geology.

Botanical Practicum

Botanical practicum observes various types of plants, both plants originating from within the faculty and outside the faculty, but still within the scope of the campus environment. Observations of these plants using a microscope provided in the plant tissue laboratory.

Field Study Practicum

This practicum has 3 types of levels, field studies 1 for 2nd Semester, field studies 2 for 4th Semester, and field studies 3 for 6th Semester. Field study practicums are carried out by visiting agricultural centers or services for us to dig up the information to understand more deeply what could be studied there.

1. Field Study 1: visited PTPN IX Batujamus Karet and PT Rumpun Sari Teh

2. Field Study 2: Visited Kopi Banaran, Bawen

3. Field Study 3: Study Banding

Field Study Practicum

Agroclimatology practicum is carried out to observe weather and climate elements in the surrounding environment. In addition, there are also cloud observations and climate classification according to Schmid-Ferguson and according to Oldeman. Weather and climate monitoring support tools are installed in one of the agricultural laboratories owned by Department of Soil Science, Universitas Sebelas Maret.

Agrotechnology Practicum

Agrotechnology practicum which implementation is by planting plants in one of the agricultural laboratory fields of Department of Soil Science, Universitas Sebelas Maret. The practicum activities start from selecting appropriate seeds, tillage, plant care, maintenance and to harvesting.


Agricultural Microbiology Practicum

The agricultural microbiology practicum for the 2020 period was carried out online with adaptation to pandemic conditions. The activities carried out were starting from the introduction of agricultural microbiological tools and materials online, as well as practicing tempeh making and making nata de coco. If it is offline, this practicum is usually carried out with laboratory analysis.

Soil Chemistry Practicum

Soil Chemistry Practicum is observing soil chemical properties which include soil reaction (pH), Soil Moisture, Organic Matter Content, Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC), H-dd and Al-dd. Soil samples were taken in three different places with different soil types, namely Jatikuwung, Jumantono, and Alas Bromo. After the soil is air-dried, it will be ready for laboratory analysis.

Agricultural Tools and Machinery Practicum

Agricultural Tools and Machinery Practicum

Stella Practicum

Stella Practicum have a Department of Soil Science, Universitas Sebelas Maret.

Health Biology Practicum

Biology and Health Practicum is observing macro and micro fauna around the residence. The types of soil fauna are epigeic and endogeic.

IUTP Practicum Map

One of the UNS PSIT practicums is making maps. The maps which is made including contour and slope maps, and digitized maps in the IUTP (Soil Measurement and Mapping) practicum, supervised classification and unsupervised classification maps in remote sensing practicum, RBI maps in GIS (Geographic Information System) practicum, land suitability maps, village administration map in STELA practicum.

STELA Practicum Map

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Remote Sensing Practicum

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