PADAS 1 2021, Abyakta Wadya Prabaswara for Glorious Generation Soilers


PADAS 1 2021 (is an abbreviation for “Pengenalan Dasar dan Kaderisasi”) is a regeneration program for Soil Science students batch 2021 in improving the quality of students through department orientation as the successor of KMIT (Keluarga Mahasiswa Ilmu Tanah). There was an introduction to campus life for soil science students batch 2021. This activity organized by soil science students batch 2020 and attended by soil science students batch 2021. The theme of PADAS 1 2021 named “Abyakta Wadya Prabaswara” that means members who developed into a glorious generation. This event has six regeneration points, they were solid, responsible, discipline, proud to be soilers, appreciative, active and critical.

PADAS 1 2021 lasts for 5 days on September 25-26th, 29th, and October 2nd-3rd and held hybrid, online and offline. The online event held by video conference zoom meeting and the offline committee located in the hall B of faculty of agriculture, Sebelas Maret University. This event aims to create soil science students who are disciplined, active in academics and organizations, responsible, and innovative in the development of science. The event opened by the dean of the faculty of agriculture, Prof. Dr. Samanhudi, S.P., M.Si., IPM, ASEAN Eng on September 25th 2021 at 09.00 WIB.

The series of events on the first day were the introduction of the study program, laboratorium tour of soil science, and the introduction of seniors from batch 2017 until 2020. On the second day, there were a presentation about soil judging contest also kinship and love for soil science. On the third day, there were introduction about KMIT, the student association of soil science study program and QnA with facilitator. The fourth day event was presentation from FOKUSHIMITI and KAIT also focus group discussion. At the last day there were a student inauguration for batch 2021, impressions and messages from batch 2021, and grand closing by deputy dean of faculty of agriculture, Prof. Dr. Ir. Sudadi, M.P. which was also attended by the head of the soil science study program, Dr. Ir. Mujiyo, S.P, M.P. and head committee of KMIT, Ir. Sumani, M.Si.

Thanks to all of the parties that helped to run this event. PADAS 1 2021 has been carried out successfully without any major or significant obstacle. The committe of PADAS 1 2021 hopes that the event can provide benefits that can be taken by participants. The committe also hopes that PADAS 1 2021 can help and equip soil science students batch 2021 to live the college life.


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