Fungal-bacterial biofilm development, composition and action in soil-plant system


Thursday, October 14th 2021 on 09.00 – 11.00 a.m. West Indonesian Time, Master Program of Soil Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Sebelas Maret University has been held an event called Inbound Scholar Exchange on the Soil Biology and Health. The theme of thie event were “Fungal-bacterial biofilm development composition and action in soil-plant system” and the speaker were Prof. Gamini Seneviratne from National Institute of Fundamental Studies, Sri Lanka. This event opened by Mrs. Aktavia Herawati, S.P., M.Sc., as the master of ceremony and moderated by head of the Master Program of Soil Science, Dr. Ir. Widyatmani Sih Dewi, M.P.

Prof. Gamini described about Fungal-bacterial biofilm (FBB) development from isolating microbes from targeted crop plants then screening the microbes efficiency for plant growth. After founding the most efficient microbes, the microbes being developed for biofilm development. Biofilm development using Acylated Homoserine Lactones (AHL) for sensing microbial quorum in a plate, then combining Fungal and Bacteria to develop FBB. After the application of FBB on the plant, we can see clusters of bacteria and fungal filaments FBB in the plant root that can be observed by epifluorescent microscope. The research shown that biofilm application could affect significant increases of rhizosphere soil substance N, P, K and C compared to the conventional practice. Biofilm also affect the plant such higher shoot length, higher root volume, shoot and dry matter, and also higher grain filling. Clorophyll content also increased and reduced the transpiration. There were a lot advantage that we can get after the application of FBB besides what has been mentioned.

The students who have attended this event are very excited and have a lot of curiosity about the development and benefit of Fungal-Bacterial Biofilm. There were a lot of questions that been asked by the students related to this topic at the discussion and the answer from Prof. Gamini were very insightful. This event expected to add the knowledge of the audience about Fungal-Bacterial Biofilm to support integrated sustainable agriculture.


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