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Student Community Service is a form of community service activity by students with a cross-scientific and sectoral approach at certain times and regions in Indonesia. The implementation of KKN activities usually lasts between one to two months and takes place at the village region. Considering New Normal COVID-19 condition, the implementation of KKN activities in 2021 periods is carried out by implementing strict health protocols so that all those concerned can be safe and stay healthy. Community service activities run during the pandemic perform many adaptations and innovations, also included government programs create to support breaking the COVID-19 chain, such as making strategic hand washbowl, spraying disinfectants regularly, and calling for 3M (Washing hands with soap, Keep your distance/Avoid crowds, Wear a mask).

The photos above are one of the KKN activities which is completed in the 2021 period, namely in Kalikajar Village, Kaligondang District, Purbalinnga Regency, Central Java. The development program at the KKN location is making hand washing stations, making hand sanitizers, making posters and distributing face shields, counseling about the COVID-19 vaccine and distributing masks, making trash bins and education on COVID-19 and household waste management, education about PHBS (PHBS). Clean and Healthy Lifestyle), Making emergency storefronts in an effort to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, making murals as a recreational medium during the COVID-19 pandemic, making infographics about corona virus detection tests, making and spraying simple disinfectants in people’s houses. The resulting Appropriate Technology is a hand-washing station with the stamping system and the COVID-19 emergency storefront.

KKN is not only done in Java island, students from the Department of Soil Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Universitas Sebelas Maret have also sent their students outside Java, namely Rote Ndao Island, East Nusa Tenggara to succeed community service activities as shown below.